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Electrical Estimates & Project Management in Richmond, Virginia

Electrical Tower, Electrical Project Management in Richmond, VA

Control Tower, Richmond Airport, Skanska general contractor, scheduled completion late summer 2003, estimated electrical cost 1.75 million.

Plan timely and accurately budgeted projects with electrical estimates and electrical project management from RESestimating Service in Richmond, Virginia. With 95% of our business based in the electrical industry, we have fine-tuned our skills and bring quality results from our organization and expertise. View our Resume.

Electrical Estimates

With our construction management skills, we have an understanding of each facet of a construction project. This assists in planning structured schedules and estimating accurate costs. Our team of electrical estimators applies their skills to many areas, including residential, commercial, industrial, and government.

Management Software

Find simplicity in the management of your projects with our project management software. Let us help you with specialized features, like Accubid™, McCormick Estimating Software™, and AIASM billing software.

Work from the comfort of your home or office and manage jobs with easy-to-use management software. Use simple word searches to locate and track projects, change work orders, and schedule, budget, estimate, and control job costs.

Man Inspecting Building, Electrical Project Management in Richmond, VA

Electrical Project Management

With our experience contributing to designs, builds, and electrical contracting, we provide an outstanding estimating, management, and trade opportunity. With skills in guiding business operations and developments to generate a productive customer base, we help you achieve impressive revenue and profits with an articulate and collaborative communications leader. View Our Recognition

Allow us to help you establish lucrative, trustful relationships with your customers. Accomplish your goals with our proven ability to direct diverse construction projects, including:

• Cost Estimation • Bidding and Budget Control • Cost Containment • Scheduling • Subcontractor or Vendor Identification • Supervision

Request a service from our electrical project management experts in Richmond, Virginia, for electrical estimates on all of your projects.